Sunday, August 16, 2009

紐約現代藝術館: 宋冬「物盡其用」

In psychiatry, sometimes patients do not want any help. Sometimes they positively refused help. At other times the help may not be all that good. As a result, children often had to grow up in very unusual environments. However, we sometimes get unusual outcomes as some individual can turn such an experience into something ……well, something quite extraordinary.

Obsessional Compusive Disorder (OCD) is one such condition that many families prefer to cope with secretly and often for many many years.

In a chapter in The Cockroach Catcher called: Who Is The Real Patient?

Wayne is a teenage boy I have been seeing because he could not face school:

“……After nine months, Wayne finally opened up to me.

Mother never threw away anything. Nothing at all!

Except wet waste, which was a relief.

This was a serious case of OCD (Obsessional Compulsive Disorder). It was still a great shock to have the full extent of the things that were kept detailed to you. Even a five bedroom house soon ran out of space.

Wayne told me that as far as he knew, mother had always been reluctant to throw away anything but it seemed to get out of control about five years ago when she discovered that father kept a woman in a port in the Far East. She moved out of the master bed-room and the rubbish moved in. Everything was neatly put in big rubbish bags and properly tied up. Some were in apple or other supermarket boxes. Even vacuum cleaner bags were kept.

Mother did a good job of it so that there was no bad smell at all, Wayne would reassure me. Just no space.

All these months, I had been thinking that the bullying was the cause of Wayne’s problem. Did I get it wrong? All the time I spent trying to improve his self esteem, was it time wasted? Was there something I could have done earlier? Why did he take nine months?

Perhaps he needed that time to find out if I was going to send his mother to an asylum. Perhaps he needed all that time to trust me enough to talk about the sickest person in the family. Perhaps he never had any plan but the secret just came out.

Perhaps these were all valid explanations, but what could we as a clinic do?”

Chapter 19 The Cockroach Catcher

Recently, I visited The Museum Of Modern Art ( MOMA)in New York and saw something that reminded me of my patient’s mother.

Mr. Song Dong is the artist and his mother is called Ms. Zhao.

紐約現代藝術館: 宋冬「物盡其用」


Waste Not: Projects 90 MOMA /©2009 Am Ang Zhang


  這是中國藝術家宋冬「物盡其用」(projects 90: Song Dong)的裝置藝術展,也是紐約現代藝術館(The Museum of Modern Art 簡稱MoMA)第一次為中國當代藝術家舉辦的個展。

Waste Not: Projects 90 MOMA /©2009 Am Ang Zhang


Waste Not: Projects 90 MOMA /©2009 Am Ang Zhang


Waste Not: Projects 90 MOMA /©2009 Am Ang Zhang